Real Ale Pub Crawl in Liverpool, England

If you are looking for an afternoon in Liverpool taking in some good real ale pubs then this is an ideal route. It also gives the option for a meal at the Death Row Diner towards the end if you need a hearty burger.

There are only 4 pubs but all well worth a drink (or two).

Start by getting off at Liverpool Central street and the first pub is right across the road from the station in Cases Street.

The map below shows the route starting on the far left near the station and ending up near the Philharmonic Hall.

Liverpool Real ale pub crawl route
A map of the Liverpool Real ale pub crawl route

1. The Globe, Cases Street.

This pub is located very close to Central station so is a very good start point. It’s only small but has a decent selection of beers. Very reasonable prices and they serve a very good pint of Tim Taylor’s Landlord.

The Globe, Cases Street, Liverpool
The Globe Pub, Liverpool

2. The Dispensary, Renshaw Street.

I really liked this pub and we stayed for a couple of beers before moving on. They have a good selection of ales and ciders, and it’s a good atmosphere. The bar staff are friendly and you can have a taster prior to taking your pint.

Dispensary Pub, Liverpool
The Dispensary Pub
Inside the Dispensary Pub
Inside the Dispensary Pub

3. The Grapes, Roscoe Street.

Great bar staff who also let you do a taster before purchase. It’s a really friendly atmosphere and families were also welcome which was nice. We had a nice pint (or two) of ‘love lane’ … really nice real ale.

Grapes Pub, Roscoe Street, Liverpool
Grapes Pub, Roscoe Street, Liverpool
The Grapes , Liverpool
Grapes Pub serves Love Lane

4. The Philharmonic, Hope Street.

This is an institution of Liverpool pubs with a lovely interior and good beer. Enjoyed the beer but the place was messy with unclean tables, but that could have been a one off. Would definitely go again and not put off by the size of the pub or the state of the main bar room.

The Philharmonic at Liverpool
The Philharmonic Bar, Liverpool

5. Death Row Diner, Hope Street.

On this pub trip we called at the Diner to get some food. If you have not been before go as it’s a great experience with good food especially after a couple of beers. Have a look at my review of the Diner here

Death Row Diner , Liverpool
Death Row Diner , Liverpool

I hope you enjoy this real ale pub crawl in Liverpool. It’s a great city with plenty more quality pubs so have a great visit.

I have also done a larger real ale pub crawl in Chester and if you want to view it click here

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